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The website uses cookies on this website. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or other device by the website you visit. On this page, we outline the types of cookies we use and the purpose of their use, and provide an option to enable or disable these cookies (some cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our website). Below is a list of other companies that use cookies on our website and a description of the purpose of their use, as well as buttons to enable or disable the use of cookies of these other companies. Our website uses cookies to make our website easier to use, to help provide you with information and functionality, and to provide us with information about how our website is used, enabling us to ensure that it is as up-to-date, relevant and error-free as possible. We also use cookies in an effort to ensure that advertisements displayed to users reflect their interests. Details of the types of cookies used on our website are outlined below. You may restrict or block the use of cookies at any time using the options below or your browser settings. However, please note that restricting or blocking the use of cookies on our website may affect its functionality or operation and prevent users from using certain services provided through it.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary to use the features and services of our website.

If you block these cookies, we cannot guarantee access to the services provided through our website, nor can we be sure how this website will behave towards you.

Examples of the use of such cookies:

- Remembering products that have been placed in the user's shopping cart.

- Remembering that a user is logged into our website.

- Remembering the information that the user has entered in forms on our website (to avoid having to re-enter it when using the "back" and "forward" buttons in the browser to navigate through the form).

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow our website to remember choices made by users, such as username, login details and language preferences, as well as to personalize pages made by visitors to our website.

Examples of the use of such cookies:

- Providing customized services, such as the ability to view video files or make comments.

- Transmitting information to our partners for the purpose of providing services on our website. The information transferred is only used to provide you with the services, products or features you have requested.

- Remembering whether we have already asked the user to complete a questionnaire.

- Remembering the user's location.

- Remembering the language selected by the user.

Analytical cookies

These cookies help us understand how visitors use our website. For example, they collect information about which pages on our website are most frequently selected by visitors, which features they use and which sites they have previously visited. We use this information to improve our website and provide a better user experience.

Examples of the use of such cookies:

- Monitoring and keeping statistics on the use of our website.

- Providing assistance in improving our website by evaluating any errors that occur.

- Providing our affiliates and those third parties we have authorized to link to our website with feedback about users visiting their websites. This information may be used by such third parties to improve their websites or services.

- Testing the layout and functionality of the website.